Saturday, 22 April 2017

Chisnell Lift Bridge - Oxford Canal

Considering this is Easter week, there have been very few boats about.

Today we were out for 3 hours and travelled 6 1/2 hours, working 4 locks.  Did a bit of river cruising and it was sunny, but the wind was cold.

We moored up just before the lift bridge, which was open but sometimes it is closed.   I said to David, "If that bridge is down tomorrow, you're in trouble!".  Well the bridge went down and several boats went through and struggled to get the bridge to go down after going through.  Eventually it was left open.  So David was relieved.

Forever Friends.  A cute little bear, this one carrying a red rose.

I wrapped some rosebud ribbon around silver card and fixed it to the front of a long card blank, then I added the bear with sticky fixers and the hearts down the right hand side with the sentiment on the bottom.

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