Monday, 10 October 2016

Below New Marton Locks - Llangollen Canal

 I know we like early starts, but today was a bit excessive.  We left the basin at a quarter past SIX!!!  It was still dark and we bumped and ground our way down through the narrows, missing all the dramatic scenery, but on the other hand we didn't meet another boat until we got to the lift bridge past the aqueduct.

As you can see, sunrise as we went over.  I walked it again.  Getting really brave, no?

When I got to the 100th turn of the lift bridge I finally noticed that it was not going up any more.
The man on the other boat tried pushing, and I eventually had the nous to wind it own a bit and then up again, that seemed to work.  Still, I didn't have to wind it down.

The hire boats were out in force after Chirk and by the time we got to New Morten locks there were queues of 4 boats coming up stream at both locks - still I didn't have to do much work working them, there was lots of help.

Two days ago it took us 5 hours to get from the top of New Marton to the Basin in Llangollen and 4 hours to get back down!  I've seen a slower current on the Thames!

Another example of my expanding repertoire. 

An "exploding" box, because when you take the lid off the sides explode out and fall down.

This box contains a pair of baby stocks.

The sides are decorated with patterned paper and die cuts with a rosette on the lid.

I have made several in blue, pink and white.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Llangollen - Llangollen Canal

 The weather is still lovely, we have been so luck this trip.

The family emailed to say they would be visiting at lunch time, so we walked down the (steep) hill to meet them and eldest grandson said he wanted to go to the boat for lunch, we we walked back up the (steep) hill.

After lunch they left us and I decided to walk up to the Horseshoe Falls (the start of the canal), so it was half way down the (steep) hill and along the towpath.  I must admit, I only remembered it being about 1/2 a mile long and was dismayed to discover with was 1 3/4 miles, so it was "on! on!"  The picture proves I did it, and got back in one piece (but I did discover the back way into the marina and didn't have to climb the (steep) hill again.

We had planned dinner out with Jackie and Chris in the Cornmill, so it was back down the (steep) hill, a really lovely dinner, and then back up the (steep) hill for the VERY LAST TIME.

Sunset in Llangollen Basin

I have been branching out from card cards and this is a card and a box.  It is an easel card with a box in front which holds 4 tealight candles.

The front has 2 sets of patterned paper, the large one matted onto gold mirri card and the smaller one matted onto red card and gold mirri card.  The card base was also red.

The box is attached to the bottom of the card and has a flap which opens to get the candles out.

I decorated the front of the card with some die cut leaves and paper roses.

The inside has more patterned paper matted onto gold miri card and more die cut leaves and a rose, and a small white panel, also matted onto mirri card for the greeings.

The box was finished of with a red bow.

Oh! and there is another box to put it in, but I didn't take a picture.  Doh!

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Llangollen - Llangollen Canal

 The usual 7 o'clock start, the current getting really strong now, especially at bridges and the two tunnels at Chirk and Whitehouses, we bumped and scraped all the way up.  We met three day hire boats just before the long aqueduct and they kindly let us go in front (as they hadn't got much of a clue) and we were up in the basin at Llangollen for 12 noon.

As usual, a really spectacular trip, the leaves on the trees are turning yellow and gold and the weather has been lovely.  Chirk and Pontcysyllte aqueducts were stunning - I walked them both - though I must admit mostly looking straight ahead and not down the sides.

So we are in the basin, the electricity has been turned on and I am on my 3rd load of washing....

I made a white panel of card and embossed it using the Cuttlebug.  I stuck it onto a white card blank and added a 3d butterfly.

The sentiment was computer generated and matted onto red card.

Friday, 7 October 2016

New Marton Br W12, Llangollen Canal

 A fairly uneventful day, we were off at 7 and moored up above the two locks (and past the water points!) by 1015.  I was absolutely knackered after the 6 Grindley Brook locks and 2 lift bridges.  I had gone to bed at 8 the night before, and I had another couple of hours when we moored up!  Must be getting old.

The cyclamen are growing wild in the garden of the lock cottage, they so remind me of Cyprus where they really did grow wild out on the Panhandle, along with the wild donkeys.

I made the embossed panel for this card using vellum paper, it is kind of translucent but where it is embossed it is white.  It is difficult to stick down though as glue shows through, so I made the panel longer than the blue card and wrapped it around and stuck it on the back.

The blue panel was then fixed to the white card blank and some ivy leaves were die cut from green card and two pink blossoms were added to the front of the card.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Ellesmere, Llangollen Canal

 Clearly someone cannot read!  And there is no excuse as it's on the downstream side so you can't use the current as an excuse.

I made the postie wait at this bridge and he was not a happy bunnie.  Must have been late for his cup of tea at the next remote farm.

A beautiful day, we saw a kingfisher (our third since we started out) and lots of squirrels on the towpath foraging for acorn.

We stopped at Ellesmere (first set of moorings after the junction so David could back out tomorrow morning and not have to wind in the tiny winding hole at the top.

A quick trip into town to get some shopping and then into Tesco for the rest of it.  It is so handy for us boaters.  David asked the butcher if have it in town had made any difference to their trade, and they said that, actually, it was better now and probably the big store has brought more visitors to the town.  So that's good.

I like these easy to make sympathy cards.  White card blank, white panel which has been embossed matted onto black card, some black and white spotty ribbon, a computer generated sentiment and 4 punched out butterflies which have been folded in half and one side stuck onto the card front.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Above Povey Lock - Llangollen Canal

 Good things about the Llangollen Canal:
  •  It's pretty
  • It's not too long
  • There is lots and lots of piling for mooring onto
Not so good things about the Llangollen Canal:
  • The by-washes
  • The leaky locks
  • The lift bridges
  • Grindley Brook staircase
  • The number of boats
  • The current
 I really don't know why we come.  Well, yes I do, it is really beautiful and fairly peaceful once the boats have stopped moving.

It was the usual 7 o'clock start, but we were finished by 11.  And, only 7 locks and 2 lift bridges.

The women in David's life!   ps: I'm the little fat one in the distance.

This type of card is called an easel card because it stands up a bit like an easel, get it?

You take an ordinary card blank and fold one half in half again and fold it in on itself. 

I decorated the front parts with black patterned paper, matted onto black card and added a topper which was matted onto black and white card and a pink bow with a gem and stuck it to the middle of the card.

The base has a panel of the black patterned paper matted onto black card and some pleated pink ribbon tied around it with some silver lace.  This was then stuck down onto the inside of the card base along with a white matted panel for writing the greetings on.

Because the ribbon sticks up it stops the front of the card from folding flat.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Stonely Green Bridge 10, Llangollen Canal

Surprising what you can find on lock gear!

The morning was spent in Chester, we caught the bus just past the bridge at the top of Hurlston locks.  David bought a very expensive box of chocolates and then we came back.

So, we set off at 1 o'clock and stopped at Stoneley Green Bridge at 3 o'clock, having travelled just over 3 miles and done 2 locks.  Enough for one day.

Don't know what this card is for really, could be a birthday card, or a thank you card, or a retirement card, or a new home card, or most things really.

I just matted the picture onto blue and then silver mirri card and stuck it onto the front of a white card blank.  Three blue gems were stuck onto the bottom to give it a bit of a lift, and that was it really.


What was the price of your card?