Sunday, 13 April 2014

Dutton Breach (2012) Near Bridge 212, Trent and Mersey

 We rounded the corner, and there was this lovely new mooring!  The site of the breech in 2012.  The view is terrific, but in a couple of years there will be a thick hedge to hide it a bit.  You can just see the lock on the River Weaver to the left and the railway viaduct in the centre.

The two tunnels held no gremlins, the first one was empty, so we sailed through and got to the second one dead on the hour so we could go straight through.  Last time we met three boats in Salterford and missed the time slot for Barnton.

I bought a bunch of "wooden" roses some time ago, well years actually.

I made this anniversary card with one by matting some silver card onto red glitter card and then red card which had been cut with scalloped scissors.  I stuck down the flower with glue dots and then made the sentiment with a peel-off matted onto silver and red card.  This was stuck over the end of the stalk to cover up the rough edges. 

I finished it off with a red heart gem.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Anderton Boat Lift, Trent and Mersey


Just a quick jaunt around the corner into Anderton.  We took 3 attempts at finding the right spot for mooring the boat because Caroline was bringing Ethan up from Birmingham for a visit and we wanted to be near the car park.

In the end she parked the car in Anderton Marina and had to walk the length of the canal up to the boat lift.

Still, it was lovely to see them, and Ethan changes every time we see him now.  He has learned to crawl since we last saw him, which was fun.

Hey Tigger!  I used a sticker which I stuck onto a square of silver card and matted it onto mustard and white card.

I stuck some mustard spotty paper along the bottom of the white card blank and wrapped some pink spotty ribbon (which matched the spots on the paper) around the spine and tied it in a knot.  The topper then went onto the card using sticky fixers.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Marbury County Park, Trent and Mersey Canal

 We got to the junction at Middlewich by 0745.  Maureen's lock cottage is looking very sad.  Windows broken and boarded up.  And, of course, we had to do the lock ourselves.  No Maureen to help us any more.

After the locks David took on water while I walked into Tesco, my the traffic is frightening in Middlewich.  There is nowhere safe to cross the road.

Then it was on to Marbury. Saw the first ducklings on the Wardle Canal and three swans sitting on their nests and bluebells everywhere.

This is a card I made for Maureen in 2009.  We took the photo of her helping us with the locks on the way out and I delivered the card on the way back.

And now for a mouse.  I took a piece of patterned paper and matted it onto pale pink card.  Then I wrapped some spotty pink ribbon around the top and tied it in a knot.  The panel was then stuck onto a pink card blank and the topper added.  The sentiment was also matted onto pink card and a row of pink pearls were stuck underneath.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Normans Bridge 26, Middlewich Branch, Shropshire Union

The Middlewich Branch of the Shropshire Union is almost entirely lined with piling and there are numerous mooring areas.  So why moor on the end of the lock landing?

 And, the obligatory plastic bag full of dock sh**.  What is the metality of someone who takes the trouble to scoop it up, but then leaves the bag lying around.  At least if it is out in the open it can decompose.

Just one lock and a couple of hours cruising today.  Noticed horse chestnut and sycamore trees in leaf, there are lots of cowslips and wood anenomies around.  Though the weather has turned a bit cold again, but there was some sun around lunchtime.  David ate his mussels on the front deck.

We are booked for the Liverpool Link on 30th April.  We got this message today:

An issue has been brought to our attention regarding un-secured third party building material stored above Stanley Dock, posing a health & safety risk to users of the navigation.  
Boat passages through the area are suspended until the relevant third party secures the site. 
An update will be issued on Monday 14 April 2014.
Please follow this link to view photos of the area:

Hey Ho!

Simple card using a photograph of a pony.  I matted it onto silver, orange, white and green card and then fixed it to the front of a white card blank.  The ribbon was tied in a knot and stuck across the front with double sided.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Near Vanetian Marina, Middlewich Branch, Shropshire Union Canal

No, the boat is not sinking... They are doing something on the back end and have lifted it out of the water.  It was just a bit of a shock when you came around the corner and under the bridge at Barbridge Junction.

Such a lovely day, warm sunshine with just a little cold wind.

We caught the bus into Nantwich to do some shopping and a lovely tea and scone, then it was back to the boat and just a short cruise to get here.

I love the Middlewich Canal.  Beautiful views and lots and lots of easy mooring spots.  And, even better, even though we are out in the country the Internet seems to work too.

Some more of my cards which can be used for most occasions and in any colourway.

These have embossed flowers with gems in the centres, co-ordinating patterned trip and ribbon and a butterfly.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Barbridge Junction, Shropshire Union

 I've been saving these two photos for a week or two.  When we moved morings the sattelite dish would not work as there was a building in the way.  We then got a huge aerial thingie which kept blowing down, and then a smaller wing shaped thing, which would also blow down in the wind.  Then David found this box thingy and had an idea for putting it on a pole which could be lowered when we were moving.

Neil the welder was tasked with finding the pole and eventually, months later, he found something and came and fixed it to the roof.  Richard then made the wiring fit through the old radio aerial (not shown).

The picture above shows the aerial down and this one in the up position.

We have now been out for over a week and can say that the aerial has been a great success.  We have not even bothered to use the satellite (which has become a bit flaky anyway).

Anyway, back to today.  Managed to get some washing done today, though not too successful.  Too many lines of moored boats and not enough electricity.

We were in Barbridge Junction by 0945 and went to catch the bus back into Nantwich.  The bus was late, the wind was cold and the bus to Chester arrived.  So we went to Chester.  Love Chester, unfortunately the second craft shop has gone too, but there is a lovely new Chocolate shop in the big hotel.

Back at the moorings I spent 3 hours trying to update the blog with the internet connection going on and off every couple of minutes.

Fred Basset on the towpath.  I wrapped some green gingham ribbon around a narrow piece of white card and stuck it to the left hand side of a white card blank.  The photograph was matted onto green card and stuck on the

Monday, 7 April 2014

Above Hack Green Locks, Shropshire Union Canal

 Red sky at night....  Let's hope so.

Left early and managed the locks just before the Tea Junction was ready to set off and got to Hack Greek by 0915.  Such a lovely spot.  But again, peace and quiet but no Internet connection.

Made for someone to say sorry for his temper.  The bear was a digi stamp which I coloured and cut out.  I made a black panel and added a torn piece of stripy paper before adding the bear and sentiment.  The card base was pinky.

Inside I printed the message on the computer and printed it directly onto the inside of the card.


What was the price of your card?