Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Gas Street Basin, BCN

 Well, 2nd January and two posts!!  One old one for 20th May and one for today.

The biggest news on the moorings was the re-opening of the old James Brindley pub - now called The Canal House James Brindley and purporting to be the home of said James Brindley.  They spent £2m on the refurb, cladding the outside in wood, re-building the roof and other improvements.

All the moorers were invited to the opening and it was packed to the rooftops.  Lots of lovely nibbles and free drinks all evening.

And now for the first Valentine card of the year.  Lots of hearts and roses and using a central easel function.

Monday, 1 January 2018

Gas Street Basin, BCN

 This is my New Year's resolution:  I am going to blog more and fill in the blanks from last year. 

It might be difficult because I have been VERY CLEVER!  I uploaded all my "stuff" directly onto a hard drive so that I would not lose everything when the laptop expired.  Unfortunately I dropped the hard drive and frazzled ALL the contents. 

That included the log that I keep which I need to update this blog.  Fortunately I have the pictures and cards on the laptop so that's OK.  Also, I cannot find the notebook which I also use with my notes for the log.  Still, David has bought me a new hard drive which is encased in plastic and is supposed to bounce.  We'll see....

Anyway, what has been happening recently?  Above is a photo shoot for a group of body builders.  It was absolutely freezing.  Just one of the many and varied sights in Gas Street Basin.

The photograph for this card was taken by a fellow moorer, now moved onto dry away, Callum Ives.  I matted the photo onto silver mirri card and then onto a white card blank.