Sunday, 28 October 2012

Gas Street Moorings, Birmingham

 I can't believe I have left it so long.  Again, it's not as if nothing has been happening.  We have taken the boat to another meeting and visited two others.  I will fill in some of the other gaps and post them retrospectively (well I think that's what I mean!)

Today the clocks went back one hour and I am sitting in the dark typing out this post.  Ugh!

The picture is of our local heron.  It is not very old, but stalks around the basin most days.  Wild life in the centre of Birmingham!

Here are some boxes I made recently for a craft sale in Birmingham.

The base is an "explosion" type box, the sides are not glued together so that it "pops" open when you remove the lid.  I like these, less messing about with glue and stuff.

I shredded some red paper and then added a chocolate eyeball.

As usual, I had to make each lid different so I added googly eyes to each one and a black spider to another one.

Sunday, 21 October 2012


Took the bus to Stourbridge for the Bond open day and anniversary.  Lewis is learning the ropes to become a boatman.

It was yet another beautiful, sunny day and there were lots of boats there.

This is a box card.  Yet another item for my craft stall.

I used papers and toppers from Making Cards magazine, adding paper roses, a feather and leaves.

Inside there is a box for adding a small gift.  I used a packet of instant drinking chocolate for example.

Here is another view showing the ribbon which goes right around the box and is fixed under the toppers.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Gas Street, BCN

 Now, this is a "proper" working boat.  Blue nylon rope, a screwdriver for a tiller pin and everything you could possibly need inside.

This is Colin's tug.  I don't know the name.  Colin likes to keep in the background, but has had his photograph published in so many magazines, newspapers and on TV while transporting the Rootless Forest that he is no longer able to hide from the limelight.

My second attempt at a craft fair.  This time I made some Chapstick holders.  The proved very popular and are a good way of using up odd bits of card, ribbon and toppers.

The fronts of the boxes.

The backs

And the inside.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Gas Street, BCN

Blue skies and torrential rain.  English weather at its finest!

I bit the bullet and reserved a table at Gert and Bert's Vintage Market in the Great Western Arcade for 5 Saturdays up until Christmas.  It might be a mistake as I didn't cover the rental today.

Here are some of the boxes I made to sell.

The first to are "Exploding Boxes".  When you take the lid off the sides open out to reveal a Christmas tree ornament.

I used up lots of bits of seasonal papers to cover the sides of the leaves

These boxes are called "Explosion Boxes".  This time the boxes open out as in the exploding boxes, but the corners are still fixed (the picture doesn't show it too well here).

Gas Street, BCN

My first stall at Bert and Gert's Vintage Market in the Great Western Arcade, Birmingham.  Not very successful.  I didn't cover the costs of my table.

White, square, card blank, black panel matted onto orange and yellow card and a 3D topper of ghosts in a pumpkin cauldron.