Sunday, 22 April 2018

Huddlesford Junct, Coventry Canal

 We had quite a storm last night but the morning was bright and sunny.

After a fifteen minute stop at Fazeley Junction while I went to Tesco's to get a newspaper and stuff we set off along the Coventry canal heading for Fradley Junction.

Passing The Plough at Huddlesford Junction we saw a gap in the moorings and dived in.  That was Sunday lunch sorted. A huge plate of fish and chips for me and a steak for David.  I slept away the afternoon again.

The wild flowers were out in profusion, bluebells and wood anemones inWhittington Wood (we always call in Miles' Wood as a dear friend of ours used to be the Commanding Officer there).  The back gardens we sailed past were also looking good with blossom, bulbs and spring flowers.

Here is an exploding box with a pair of baby bootees inside.

The outside was covered with pink gingham paper, matted onto pink card with a die-cut topper on each side and a rose and die-cut leaves on the lid.

 The box opens out when you remove the lid to show off the bootees.  Each of the four inside box sides was matted with either gingham or spotted paper, again matted onto pink card and 4 die-cut ovals or circles added with leaves and roses.

The bootees were stuck onto the card with glue dots, just to keep them in place, and can be peeled off for use.

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Drayton Brick Bridge, Birmingham and Fazeley Canal

 The bottom of Curdworth locks, always very pretty but unfortunately, not today - there were no flowers in the flower boxes on the bridge!

Another late start (for us) and a boat in front, so locks against us again but met a couple of boats coming up.

Another lovely, sunny morning though it is now raining, so Spring must be over.

Moored up on visitor moorings before Drayton Manor Swing Bridge and having a quiet afternoon and even managing not to have to go and have a snooze today.

I was asked to make a very special wedding day card for a friend.  I decided on a "shadow box card" and as I had never made one before I had a trial run.  This is the result.

First the front of the card using computer generated sentiment, die cuts and dry embossed card.

The inside is covered in a lovely thick, floral vellum and more die cuts.

Then the box itself.  I watched several U-Tube demonstrations first and it was really quite easy to construct.

I added more vellum at the base of the "box" and then added roses and die-cut leaves.  I was really pleased with it, but realised on closing the card that the rose in the right hand bottom corner was too high and the card would not close properly.

It isn't too much of a problem as I made a box for it to fit into and decorated the lid like the front of the card.

I then went on to make the actual card, which I will publish at a later date as I don't want anyone to see it yet who should not.

Friday, 20 April 2018

Wiggins Hill Bridge, Birmingham and Fazeley Canal

We set off today at 0730 (late for us, but whatever).  Set off down Farmers Locks, all but 2 against us.  Hadn't realised until today that you can see the Council House and Museum from Saturday Bridge.

The weather was lovely and sunny after a slightly chilly first thing and mist hiding the top of the BT tower, so the lock wheeling was fairly pleasant.

We did not pass a boat until after the bottom of Aston Locks and that was a single hander who dropped his dog off for a crap on the towpath!

We were absolutely knackered by the time we got to bottom of the Milnworth locks and stopped just after the winding hole on pilings, a bit shallow, but as there were no boats around we didn't get grounded.  And it was straight to bed for a couple of hours to recover from all those locks.

It was so nice to be out in the country again (apart from being under the flightpath for Birmingham Airport), and got to see a proper sunset for a change.

I know it's long gone now, but here is a Mother's Day card made with a Flower Fairy picture, lots of flowers and a yellow bow.  Mind you, looking at it again, with that sentiment, it could be a birthday card or a thank you card as well.

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Gas Street Basin, BCN

 Well, the New Year's resolution didn't last long did it?  Will try and catch up while we are away.

The plan, which is changing daily is to do the Huddersfield Narrow, and after 5 attempts we find out today that the Marple locks will be out of use until 24 May, so we are going to try and go the other way around and do Liverpool first, then go over the Pennines on the Leeds and Liverpool and come back over the Huddersfield Narrow.  But as they day, great plans.....

We will be leaving Birmingham in glorious weather, the pub has been absolutely rammed while the sun is shining and it can get a bit noisy with drinkers, especially when they realise that the gate has been shut at 2100.  I am looking forward to some quiet nights out in the country.

We will miss this boat being raised, probably some time next week.  It has really settled down into the silt now so it will be interesting to see how they do it.

I was allowed to go to town on this card!!

Lots of sparkle, lacy doilie, silk flowers , die-cut leaves and a bow.

It is for Elsie's first birthday, but you probably guessed that.

Friday, 2 March 2018

Gas Street Basin, BCN

 Living in Gas Street Basin you never know what is going to happen next.   Today was one of those days. 

A tap on the window, a TV crew want to interview someone about living on a boat in this weather.  David said, "On one condition.!  It had to be done indoors.  But they wanted to film him filling the coal scuttle too.

Soon after that a neighbour asked if someone had fallen in the canal by the boat.  We had heard nothing apart from a girl shouting profanities.  When we went out a bit later we noticed the hole in the ice.  The safety rail has also ended up in the canal as the tyre fender tied to it is floating on the ice.  We followed the wet footprints out past the Canal House and into the car park, so at least he is not still there.

The East wind has kept some of the ice off the canal, for two days and nights the wavelets have been washing against the hull and it sounds like a tap running constantly.  It eventually blew the loose ice down against the hull and then we got grinding and bumping noises as it scraped past the boat. 

The formation of the ice here looks more like some sort of pollution.

It is now snowing a blizzard, good job we bought 30 bags of coal a couple of weeks ago.

To, getting ready for Mother's Day.  A cute Flower Fairy, matted onto a gold oval and white and yellow daisies, leaves and ribbon to decorate.

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Gas Street Basin, BCN

 Well, 2nd January and two posts!!  One old one for 20th May and one for today.

The biggest news on the moorings was the re-opening of the old James Brindley pub - now called The Canal House James Brindley and purporting to be the home of said James Brindley.  They spent £2m on the refurb, cladding the outside in wood, re-building the roof and other improvements.

All the moorers were invited to the opening and it was packed to the rooftops.  Lots of lovely nibbles and free drinks all evening.

And now for the first Valentine card of the year.  Lots of hearts and roses and using a central easel function.

Monday, 1 January 2018

Gas Street Basin, BCN

 This is my New Year's resolution:  I am going to blog more and fill in the blanks from last year. 

It might be difficult because I have been VERY CLEVER!  I uploaded all my "stuff" directly onto a hard drive so that I would not lose everything when the laptop expired.  Unfortunately I dropped the hard drive and frazzled ALL the contents. 

That included the log that I keep which I need to update this blog.  Fortunately I have the pictures and cards on the laptop so that's OK.  Also, I cannot find the notebook which I also use with my notes for the log.  Still, David has bought me a new hard drive which is encased in plastic and is supposed to bounce.  We'll see....

Anyway, what has been happening recently?  Above is a photo shoot for a group of body builders.  It was absolutely freezing.  Just one of the many and varied sights in Gas Street Basin.

The photograph for this card was taken by a fellow moorer, now moved onto dry away, Callum Ives.  I matted the photo onto silver mirri card and then onto a white card blank.