Thursday, 18 April 2019

Wiggins Hill Bridge - Birmingham and Fazeley Canal

I was going to use this cruise to catch up with this blog but I cannot find the notes.  The boat is 57ft long and 6ft 10ins wide.  Where it has gone is anyone's guess.  So here goes.  I will try and catch up when I find them.

 The mist was all around as we left the Basin at 0645 and there was a cruel wind.  Farmers Locks were all for us but as I crossed the first lock gate to do the paddle on the other side my knees complained so after that we only did one gate paddle

The sun did try to come out, but not very successfully.

We had vlockie help with several locks going down the Aston flight but the fun began at Milnworth top lock.  Firstly I got off the boat at the front but my windlass was on the back, so David threw onto the towpath for me.  It bounced onto the towpath and bounced again and then bounced straight into the canal.  We tied up, got out the magnet and fished it out.

The locks were for us (great), but top lock gate was jammed and I could not open it without help (bad).  David had to moor up the boat and come and help me budge the gate open.  Then getting the boat into the lock proved a problem - it tried to go in sideways, bouncing from side.

Finally, after 6 1/2 hours we moored up here, just outside Milnworth and before the pub .  Lovely and tranquill, Spring is springing, the bluebells are out and I got my first lungful of the beautiful scent of mayflowers.  Also I've had a couple of hours sleep!

So, starting off 3 different cards using the same photograph.  This time it's Cambrian Wharf

The first one is just a plain photograph matted onto silver card and then onto the white card blank.

For the second one I cut it into lots of rectangles and then put it together using sticky dimensional pads, raising it up in the centre so it has a sort of 3D effect.

And for the 3rd one, I did the same thing, except the rectangles and arranged the other way around.

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