Sunday, 23 April 2017

Bridge 223, Jolly Boatman - Oxford Canal

 Now here is a sight you don't see very often, and she was the third one we saw this morning on the towpath.

I tried to creep out of the front door, but it squeaked and set  her off to the bridge.

Where she looked around the corner and couldn't decide what to do next.

She finally decided to jump into the canal

 So she leapt into the water with a great splash, swam across to the other side and disappeared across the field.

And I took lots of pictures of the bridge and missed all the action!

We met 6 hire-boats today, all full of single men, is there something we should know?

One of my least favourite lift bridges (Mill Lift Bridge) has now been electrified, so it was just a matter of pushing a couple of buttons and not hanging onto the end of a chain and then sitting on the beam.  Greatly improved.

We got diesel at Enslow Wharf and while tied precariously to another boat at the wharf and "traditional" type boat put putted past and a speed of knots, knocking all the boats about and pulling all the ropes.  And they say it's the hire boaters who don't slow down!

Apart from that, there was no room in Thrupp (0f course!)  I never know why so many people want to stay there there is nothing much to do there.

We were looking for somewhere to stay the night though and finally found a spot by the Jolly Boatman pub, so we went for lunch and had a lovely meal each.

Now here's a card for a boy.  A blue card blank with a part embossed brown card matted onto light blue card.  Navy ribbon was wrapped around the panel and then stuck onto the card blank.  Three die-cut and embossed stars were added with a computer generated banner and a blue ribbon knot.

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