Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Gas Street Basin, BCN

Set off at 0700 (didn't want to go any earlier as we had two boats tied to us).

 This photo was taken last night.  When we went past this morning the boats were three abreast - all on the 1 hour service mooring - the visitor moorings on the other side were empty!

We soon caught up with another boat and followed it to Factory Locks.  The bottom pound was empty, the middle lock had the bottom gate wide open and the bottom lock had to top gate wide open.  So we set about sending water down so we could traverse the locks.  By the time we were in the middle lock there was another boat behind us.

The rest of the journey was uneventful and we arrived back at the moorings to discover that our lovely big, black glass table had been smashed.  It had been used and the umbrella had not been removed and when the wind caught it it broke the glass.  No one is taking responsibility.  In fact they all deny being there.  Be we know who they are!

A lovely trip and hope to repeat most of it next year.  We are now off to get a new table.

We are the cheeky girls....  Aren't they glam?
I matted the picture onto gold card and then onto patterned paper and more gold card.  This was then fixed to a white card blank and a gold bow added to the top left hand corner.

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