Monday, 19 May 2014

Wolverhampton, BCN

 Either it's a big dog or a horse has been this way - don't they know that towpaths are unsuitable for horses?

There was a smaller pile a bit further up, but we never saw a horse, or a big dog!

It took us 3 hours to do the 21.  All locks for us!  And the two that weren't had a boat coming down.  We were too early for bacon butties at lock 10.  Frustrating, as he was there and you could smell the bacon cooking, but the canopy was firmly shut!

We moored up at the top and I took the opportunity for a rest and some retail therapy.  Never miss the chance, though I was rather nackered and so treated myself to a lovely chocolate, cream and fruit torte in Patisserie Valerie in the town centre.  It was so good I bought two more for us to have for tea.

Later we were joined by members of the BCN Explorer Cruise.  There were boats everywhere.  Two rafted up to us and goodness knows how many on the waterpoint!!!

This card blank had a square cut out of it and a sentiment printed above it.  I just added the silk flower and a pink gem

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