Sunday, 8 April 2012

Limehouse Basin

After a day of R&R in Hanwell, a beer festival and BBQ we set off back down to Limehouse where we were met by Ed and Julia who were crewing again today.  Somehow the fleet was dramatically reduced to only three boats going back - ironically we were with the two boats we set off with.  Was it something we said?

When the river lock opened we noticed that the water hadn't changed, and in fact both the top and bottom lock gates were open at the same time.

Everything was going well, and then we saw this paddling towards us.  Don't know how far he got, but the tide was just about to change against him.

We are just about to practice travelling in formation - 3 abreast.  It will be 5 abreast in the

The river was very quiet until here, when we were joined by the DUKW to sail past the Houses of Parliament.

Heading for the centre of the centre arch of Tower Bridge.  Only managed the left hand side arch before.

The water got really choppy about here and the waves were breaking over the bow.  At one time both Julia and I got our jeans wet and water in the boat 'cos the door was open.

The most difficult bit was stemming the current outside Limehouse lock, crossing the river with a trip boat coming down stream and then getting into the lock cut without hitting the wall.  It was 2 out of  3 (and it wasn't us! - Ed navigated the boat with skill and panache and got a standing ovation from the crew as we entered the lock.

Then we all went for a meal in The Narrow pub, overlooking the lock entrance and early to bed after another exhausting but exhilarating day.

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