Monday, 9 April 2012

Paddington Basin, Grand Union Paddington Arm

 Right, back to real life and canals for a bit.

Ed and Julia, very kindly, came back to help us through the locks back to Paddington and we set off at 0830 in the rain.  Galatea and Doris Katia had already left, so the locks were against us.

The picture shows the 14 day visitor moorings at Victoria Park.  Glad we didn't want to stop and get out of the rain.

The last three locks were done with Olio (or something similar) and as we reached the last lock this new water taxi boat (specially bought for the Olympics) was leaving the top lock - leaving gates open and travelling well over 4 mph.

We later found it in Paddington Basin, tied up on the edge of the winding place and also noticed that it had NO licence!!!

At least there was room to moor in Paddington as there are security guards for the landowners to move boats on after 7 days - and they are not allowed back for 2 months.  Now why can't BW do that?

It did not stop raining all day.  So we were grateful to tie up and go and have a pizza and get warm again.

I have not been posting cards lately, as there have been lots of pictures of our trip, but we saw our first ducklings in Brentford and there is another family in the basin here.

The card shows a moorhen nesting in a tyre fender.  (Apparently that is one of the scams of the linger-longas - fill a tyre fender with straw and hope a bird nests and then they can't be moved on until the birds have fledged.)  Anyway, this one was on the wall of the Archbishop of York's landing stage on the River Ouse.

I matted the photograph onto silver and red card and added a silver photo corner to the top right hand corner.

Some green ribbon with red flowers was stuck across the bottom of the white card blank and I added three glass gems to the 3 right hand flowers.  The matted picture was stuck above the ribbon.

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