Friday, 6 April 2012

Below Hanwell Locks, Grand Union Canal

 Well, we did it!  We joined the St Pancras Cruising Club on their Easter jaunt to Hanwell from Limehouse and up the Thames to Brentford.  We were joined by Ed and Julia, our friends from Wildflower and set off at 11am.  The weather was glorious, cold but sunny - perfect for the trip.

 Leaving Limehouse - turn right.  Pool of London in front.

 Looking back from mouth of Limehouse towards Docklands

 Galatia following us out of Limehouse

Couldn't catch the waves coming over the prow.

The Prospect of Whitby.  Way back my London friends would never take me there.  I never discovered why.

Tower Bridge in front.  Will we go under the central arch this time?

No!  The Tower of London and the "Gherkin" in the distance.

The Millennium Bridge, it now blocks a great view of St Paul's (seen in the background).

 Through the Pool of London.  Lots of fast trip boats to stir up the waves!

The London Eye and City Hall.

David's old office.

Big Ben.  We were 6 minutes early for the 12 o'clock chimes.

Big Ben again.



After going past the Houses of Parliament the river goes really quiet and it is almost boring.  Though, today, there were lots of preparations for the Boat Race tomorrow.

We were on the river for just over 2 1/2 hours and then it was into Brentford and up through the gauging lock and then a couple more where we moored for the beer festival at The Fox.

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