Monday, 30 January 2012

Gas Street Moorings, Birmingham

 The last day of January.  We are now well into 2012!  It will be September in 5 minutes.

These bottles were neatly stacked in the hatch by the Gas Street entrance.  I suppose it is one step better than bunging them all in the canal.  They have since been tidied up by our "Volunteers" and replaced.  So it must be the same person who leaves them there.  He must be permanently sozzled.

Incidentally, the hatch was built into the original canal bridge and is for the fire brigade to put their hoses through to collect water in case of a fire.  You can see them on all the canal bridges on the BCN - all painted red.

 How is this for serendipity.  Kathy, one of our moorers has gone into hospital to have a bone in one of her little toes removed.  I was thinking of making a card for her, but what?

This morning we went to the da Vinci exhibition in the Birmingham Museum (only about 20 drawings but fabulous ones) - and there was this drawing of feet.

I had already seen a card made using an x-ray photo of a broken bone and the bulb flashed.  So I bought a postcard and made two slits each side of the little toe bone on one of the drawings the wrapped a sliver of bandage through the slits and tied it in a knot at the front.  The rest was easy.  I just stuck the card onto the front of a white card blank and then drew a box around it with a black fine-liner pen.

The insert was printed on the computer and that was it.

I had thought of doing the wording in mirror image (like the writing on the card), but I couldn't remember how to do it in Word, so gave up and just it it normally.

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