Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Gas Street Moorings, Birmingham

 A while back we had a boat moored by the Hyatt with a lovely couple on board.  One of them made things with balloons and one of his party pieces was to make an animal and then "pop" in a couple of coins.

Here is the close up.  Pretty neat trick eh?

 We have had a bit of ice recently - though not much to shout about, fortunately.  This picture shows the seagulls "walking on water".  One of our moorers insists on feeding them every morning and they then thank him by crapping on all our boats!  Why we have got seagulls in the most inland part of the country though, I will never know.

Time for the Valentine cards I'm afraid and this one is FOR SALE!

It is 10cm x 10cm and has a chocolate heart in the middle.

I made it by folding a piece of white card in half and then using the heart die to cut it out making sure that the top overlapped the fold.  I then cut another white heart the same size and stuck it on the front of the card so the fold did not show.

Then I cut a smaller heart and ran it through the Cuttlebug to emboss it and coloured in the embossing with a marker pen.  This was stuck onto the front, adding the bow and rose and the pink foil covered chocolate heart.

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