Sunday, 15 January 2012

Gas Street Moorings, Birmingham

 Ice in the water!  First time this winter.

We are having trouble getting our TV to work.  The satellite dish, which worked perfectly in the old mooring, will not pick up a signal from the new one.  So we bought a huge great big super duper thing which got Freeserve no problem. 

Then Brent came along and said we didn't need such a big one, and that a small one with a booster, like his, would be fine.  David decided we should get the smaller one so that we can take it with us when we cruise and if the satellite doesn't work we can use the smaller one.

The new aerial worked fine all day until about 5pm and suddenly it isn't working very well.  David has gone off to bed to read his book.  Not a happy bunny!

Earle, from Sherborne Wharf asked me to make some Christmas cards using this photo which was taken while he was being filmed for a video about the Titanic.  He is wearing his Father Christmas beard so it sort of fitted in for Christmas.

Well, his wife, Toni, wouldn't let him send them as it was only him in the picture so he asked me if I could change them into Moving House cards.

So this is what I came up with.  I took of the "Happy Christmas" sentiments off  and covered the damaged bit with the new sentiment.  Inside I added a new insert with the new address on.  And voila!  New cards.

For the card; I die cut the photo with an oval Nestability and then cut out silver or gold scalloped ones for the frame.  The poinsettias were cut out with another die (not sure whose) and  they were stuck on randomly.  The Christmas sentiment was bought.

For the new sentiment I made word boxes in Word on the computer and added the sentiment, then I made a thick red border before printing them onto card and cutting them out.

I have also made my own templates for the inserts, in Word again, so I just have to chose the size of the insert and just fill in the details.  Easy Peasy!

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