Friday, 2 September 2011

Gas Street Moorings, Birmingham

There is a boat under there somewhere!

The plan had been to set off to join Wildflower for a trip down the River Nene but stuff happens.

Firstly, David contracted an infection in the retina of his right eye and was seeing spots (he still is) and then there was the hole in the calorifier.

Of course, the 1 week wait for the new calorifier stretched to 2 and then it was the Bank Holiday etc, etc.  So we took the boat around to Sherborne last Tuesday for the new tank to be fitted.  This was surprisingly straightforward.  Then the water pump wasn't suitable, so we had to buy yet another one.

So, off we set back to the moorings.  There engine overheating alarm was going full time.  There were lots of boats around the Worcester Bar, so we had to go past the mooring and up to Salvage Turn to wind.  On the way back there was an explosion from the engine and boiling water and steam everywhere.  One of the hoses (new ones fitted in February for the Safety Check!) had burst.

So Richard was back on Wednesday to fix the new hose and yesterday we went for a trip around the bay (to The Vale and back via Sherborne Wharf) to check out the engine.  Fingers crossed, all seems well.

I've just had my first Christmas order!!!

When I get a card magazine I usually squirrel away any free gifts instead of using them up straight away.  Anyway, sorting out my stash before I went on holiday I came across a couple of pretty flower piramidges (is that the right word?).  I used sticky fixers to mount the pictures and matted the whole thing onto some silver card.  Then I just fixed it to a white card blank.  The mount was too big for the 6x4" card for any further decoration, so I just left it as it was.

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