Thursday, 1 September 2011

Gas Street Moorings, Birmingham

A sunny August Saturday in Gas Street.  The drinkers on the balcony are jeering at the drinkers on the towpath in the Tap and Spile.  There is a stag party waiting to join the party boat and another group waiting to join the other party boat.  Lots of noise (howler monkeys comes to mind) and eventually, someone will jump off the balcony into the canal.  What fun?

After arriving back from Spain almost the first thing I did was put the washing machine on.  Nothing unusual in that.  The next day the washing machine didn't sound right.  Then the water pump kept on working after the taps were turned off.  Then, while the water pump was working we could hear water running somewhere in the back, though on inspection it seemed to be coming from the hot water tank overflow into the canal.

A couple of days later we noticed we were listing rather alarmingly and then discovered about a foot of water in the bilges!!!

Water was pouring from the calorifier.  So it was a trip around to Sherborne Wharf, where Richard did a botch and tried to fill in the leak.  This didn't work.  Of course, you can't just buy a replacement calorifier - for some reason they don't make them like that any more.  So a new one had to be built.  Should have it in a week! 

Great!  No running water for a week.  Don't you just love boating?

A lovely atmospheric photo of a canal bridge in very early spring.  I matted it onto silver and white card.

The green panel was Cuttlelbugged and matted onto silver card as well and then fixed to the right hand side of a tent fold white card blank.  The photo was added and three black "pearls" were stuck down the right and side of the green panel.

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