Thursday, 5 May 2011

Downholland Hall Swing Bridge, Leeds and Liverpool Canal

 We noticed this floating coot nest on the way down, the bird was not on the nest and there were about 5 eggs in it.  Didn't have a camera handy in time though.

Our instructions were to be at the first lock for 0800 this morning, unfortunately, all the other 13 boats travelling today also had to be there for 0800.  Confusion or what.  The group from Bridgewater arranged for pairs, but there were also other boats and they joined in too. 

We managed to be in the first 2 boats, so everything went smoothly.

One of the following boats had engine trouble, so by the time we got to Bridge 5 to await the BW guys to let us through, there were only 6 boats.  We waited almost 2 hours but there was no sign of any more boats, to we went through and then through Bridge 6.  We were now on our own. 

The best thing about this convoy was there were 6 swing bridges in front, so we only had to do one each.  By the 5th bridge boats were dropping out for the day and we eventually stopped here at 4.45 on another bridge landing (but with the bridge permanently open).

We haven't seen any cygnets yet, lots of swans on nests though.

I used this card for a birth congratulations.  Just a photograph matted onto silver and dark purple card.

I stuck a swan's fluffy feather underneath and then stuck the whole thing onto a lilac card.

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