Sunday, 3 April 2011

Thornhill, Leeds and Liverpool Canal

Sorry about the photo- it's the only one I took today.  I do think the reflection in the water is good though.

Field Locks were open by 0815 and we were on our way with the help of a friendly lock keeper, then it was two swing bridges before Dobson 2 locks at Apperley Bridge, which we had to do ourselves.  They were pigs.  Very stiff and hard work.  The swing bridge below the locks takes a small road, which for some reason was very busy for a Sunday morning.  David helped me close the gates and I pressed the button to open the bridge.  NOTHING.  I checked the barriers and tried again.  NOTHING.  I opened the barriers as the queues of traffic were building up.  We tried again and still NOTHING.  So we had to phone BW and get the emergency engineer out.  We had to wait for an hour, so I set off to find a newspaper.  It was uphill all the way and, finally, I found a Sainsburys.

The engineer came out, reset the bridge and everything worked perfectly.  Did I feel a fool?

We stopped for the day a bit further on in a very pretty spot with views over the Aire valley, but very shallow, so the boat was right out in the canal.

A few years ago, coming to Soulsbury Locks on the Grand Union we came across the local canal society lock wheeling in Victorian boaters' dress.  The photo is matted onto silver, light blue, darker blue and more silver card.  I added a blue photo corner to the top left hand corner and a flowery ribbon around the right hand side, tied in a knot.  This was then added to a blue card blank.

I added some white cotton lace across the bottom and more flowery ribbon over the top of the lace.

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