Saturday, 2 April 2011

Field Three Locks, Leeds and Liverpool Canal

 There was a lock keeper around at 8am, but we didn't enter the top lock at Bingley until 8.30.  The descent was smooth and rapid and I helped where I could, but the paddles were so stiff.

Then it was down the Bingley 3 locks before going on to the Downley Gap 2 locks where we had to do them ourselves.  Here the paddles and gates were almost impossible; I'm not surprised the lock keeper had the day off.

Lots more swing bridges, including the one with wedges that take 18 turns to remove and 36 turns to replace, not to mention winding the lock open and closed.

We were running from the weather and almost got to Saltaire before the downpour.

Caroline and Curtis came up from Birmingham to return our other laptop and bring me some flowers for Mothers' Day, bless her.  Didn't bring the puppy though.  Had lunch in the Boat House and then they left and we moved on to the top of Field Three Locks.  Hope the BW lock keeper is there tomorrow.

Coming along we noticed the new banking - every so often there was a bundle with greenery.  I'm no expert, but I thought rushes and yellow flags needed to have their roots IN the water.  They'll all be dead in a few weeks time.

I haven't shown a waterways card for ages, so here is one showing the bottom of the Bingley Five Rise with the hotel boats Me and My Shadow

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