Friday, 1 April 2011

Bingley Top Lock, Leeds and Liverpool Canal

 We set  off early and picked up some Silsden hire boats on their way back to their base.

This stretch of canal has a swing bridge about every 1/4 mile so it is difficult to do any housework before jumping off the boat to do a bridge.  Here is how it went today:

Get dressed
Do bridge
Wash face, clean teeth, brush hair
Do bridge
Tidy up boat, start washing up
Do bridge
Finish washing up, get out hoover
Do bridge
Dust, hoover
Silsden boat does this bridge
Put hoover away
Do bridge - 3 Silsden boats come through too
Make bed
Bridge open, but following 3 slow boats!
Put washing on soak (can't use washing machine unless we have 4 clear miles for the batteries)
Silsden boat does bridge
Put yesterday's washing away
Follow very slow wide-beam Silsden boat to boatyard where it proceeds to wind in front of us (in the wind!!!) and moors up in the winding hole, making it difficult for the next boat to wind.

 It was really windy so we moored up for a while and then moved on to the top of the Bingley locks.  I went to find the lock keeper for the timings.  There was no one around but there was a sign with the times.

No I don't know either.

A card for Mothers' Day - or just Mum, or even Auntie.  I covered a white card blank with paper, using a strip of patterned card from the same paper set, wrapping some organza ribbon around it first and tying it up in a bow I stuck it across the card.

The topper is also part of the same paper set and I added it over the ribbon.

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