Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Clarence Dock, River Aire

 We got to Newlay 3 locks just as the lady lock keeper arrived with husband and daughter in tow.  They helped us down these and then drove on to Forge 3 locks and helped us down those (while we took the daughter, Jessica on the boat with us). 

The stone runnel for water overspilling the middle lock here was beautiful.

Then it was on to Kirstall Lock with Jessica again while the lock keeper went on with the van and we were helped through here too.  This is one of the dodgy locks as there is a huge council estate just over the hill.  On hot days there are lots of swimmers etc.

We did the next lock on our own and then were met at Oddy 2 locks by the lock keeper again as the middle lock gates are a bit iffy and will be breaking some day soon.  We needed the three of us to open the top gate as the middle one was leaking so badly.

Coming to the next lock we met an Otter boat with an elderly man (late 80s?).  The lock was empty so I opened the gates for him and he brought the boat in, climbed up the ladder and held the boat while David and I opened the paddles.  Then his wife came out and the couple doddered around the lock.  And there was me thinking that this might be the last time I do the Leeds and Liverpool as it is getting hard.  They were like Babes in the Wood.  How they got on at Oddey Locks as they would have been on their own, the lock keeper having gone back up to Field Locks.

 Last time we were in Granary Wharf they were building like mad and the moorings were unavailable.  Now there is electricity and pontoons, but apparently they are all private now and the hotel charges!

We were in Clarence Dock, with electricity hooked up for lunchtime, which meant we could have lunch in Mumtaz.  Goody!

Another version of the lock wheelers.  This time I matted three identical photos in silver and light blue card.

Blue ribbon was wrapped around the card, once on the left and again on the right, this time tied with a knot.  The three pictures were stuck down over the left hand ribbon in a row and a computer generated sentiment "Idle Women?" matted and added with sticky fixers over the right hand ribbon.

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