Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Wolverhampton Top Lock, BCN

Monday and Tuesday were two glorious, sunny days. David has his tooth out and his new dentures fitted so we were raring to set off today.

I was woken up at 3am this morning to hear rain pattering on the roof. Sod's Law???

So we set off at 0815 and passed only one other boat on the move.

Galton tunnel looked almost picturesque in the sunshine with the ivy falling over the tunnel mouth.

Two of the three Factory Locks were for us and it looks like some work has been done on them since we last traversed them in 2009. The anti-vandal locks have been replaced which was a bit of a bind as I jumped off the boat without the key, having forgotten about it completely.
Well it is the first set of locks for 6 months.

When we got to Wolverhampton I went on a shopping expedition missing the Community boat coming up the locks with the young men doing their penance by cleaning up the canal.

I was so tired when I got back I fell asleep in my chair. Jeez! it was only three locks. What am I going to be like tomorrow?

Some time ago I was approached by the dotcomgiftshop to do a review of two of their products.

This is the box of Easter Chicks. Four gorgeous "bobbles", felt wings and tails, eyes and string.

And eight wooden rabbits.

I have finally made a box using some of these items and photographed them. Unfortunately I cannot find the lead to download the pictures. So tomorrow I will have to do it again using another camera.

So tune in tomorrow to find out how it turned out and what I thought of the products.

I have made another Mothers' Day/ Grandmothers' Day[Granny type card.

Granny is decopaged and matted onto gold card.
I then made a white easel card and decorated the top and bottom edge of the front with a scalloped edge. I wrapped some cotton lace around some pink card and added that to the front, adding Granny, a blue rose and three gems for decoration.

The base part has more lace ribbon, roses, and gems. The whole card comes with a pink box to match.

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