Saturday, 5 March 2011

Gas Street Moorings, Birmingham

Too many drunken young men trying to climb the locked gate have caused it to come away from its hinges. So, we have to wait over the weekend before someone can come and fix it. Why do things always happen on Fridays?

Last week it was our electricity. A man had spent two days on the moorings, checking all the electricity stanchions, then just after he left our electricity went off. The emergency man was called out but he didn't have the right bits to fix it so we had to spend the weekend on batteries. Still, at least it got us into cruising mode, turning off lights etc.

Caroline and Curtis have just moved into a house with a garden (from a 3rd floor flat) so that the two cats and the puppy have somewhere to play.

This is the card I made for their new home. I got the idea from one of last months card magazines and adapted it slightly. The "boxes" are made from brown card, folding out flaps on two of them to look like open boxes. I stuck them down with sticky fixers so that they stood out and filled the gaps with shredded newspaper to look like packing. I stamped out a cat and a bowl and cut out a bone. The bowl and bone are sticking out of the top box and the cat is trying to jump up into it. I actually wrote all the wording, which I am not keen on as my handwriting is crap, as I didn't have time to print all the bits out.

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