Sunday, 27 February 2011

Gas Street Moorings, Birmingham

We're still here. David went to the Dentist to discover they'd made the wrong dentures so we have to wait another 2 weeks while they make the new ones. It didn't help that it was such a lovely day on Thursday when we should have been off.

The "Book Barge" is in town, along with the Jewellery Boat.

We have just watched the Baggies beat Arsenal for the cup. Couldn't have gone to a better team. What with England beating Franch at the Rugby and drawing at Cricket today - exciting times!!!

I have got two Mother's Day Cards. Is it Mothers' or Mother's? I thought the former as there is more than one mother, but all the magazines seem to use the latter. Anyway. Both are for sale if you're interested.

The first one is a white C6 card (6x4"). The colour s are white and pink with a white and pink flower and green foliage. The sentiment says "Happy Mother's Day" and there are three white pearls decorate the top.

The second card is a pink, circular scalloped card. I wrapped some pink organdie ribbon around the spine and tied a large bow. The sentiment says "Happy Mothers' Day) and is decorated with blue roses and a silver butterfly.

I made a box for this card and used some pink tissue paper to make it fit snugly.

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