Thursday, 10 March 2011

Huntings Bridge, Shropshire Union Canal

Left or Right?  Decisions, decisions.  Leaving the bottom lock of the Wolverhampton 21.
Blogger has been doing some updating.  At the moment it is driving me mad, but I suppose I will get used to it eventually.

We started down the Wolverhampton 21 at 0815, and had to wait at the third one so that the BW guys could fill the empty pounds.  We eventually set off 20 minutes later with help from that lovely lady who lives on a boat at the top lock and looks after abandoned dogs.  This one was a very friendly Staffie.  She always carries her windlass while dog walking and bread for the ducks.  The first 10 locks were for us and we stopped at lock 10 for a bacon and egg buttie from the stall there, then it was on - all the rest were against us and it seemed to take forever.  David had to clear the weed hatch three times!  Eventually we could smell horse so we knew we had only three more locks to do (Wolverhampton Race Course) and then a brief trip on the Staffs and Worcester and onto the Shroppie.

We eventually moored up on the excellent visitor moorings here along with Caxton and Matilda Rose who spent the end of last year iced in in Birmingham.

Now for what I did with the products from dotcomgiftshop
 I made a pyramid exploding box. 

 I covered the inside with some pretty flowery paper and on the outside I sponged a sky using a mask to make the cloud.  Then I stamped a row of trees from one of my Lavinia stamps.  I used green card for the bottom to represent the grass and a strip of Martha Stewart Fence over the join.  I finished off with some paper flowers and one of the rabbits from the dotcomgiftshop

I found that the sticky dot at the back of these rabbits had lost its glue, so I used a dab of PVA.

I used one of the "chicken" for the surprise in the box.  The instructions for this are very clear but I could not find any beaks in the packaging.  Also, they suggested using a heat gun which I don't have, so it was back to the trusty PVA which was a bit messy.

I think I might save the other pompoms for another project.

And now for the card.  A bit of recycling here.  I cut the picture of the snowdrops from a card that was sent to me some time ago and just stuck it to the front of another white card blank.

And now it seems they've taken off the spellcheck.  Sorry, too frustrated to check for mistakes now.

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