Friday, 1 October 2010

Gas Street, Birmingham

Awaiting nb Rivendell in the Land of Mawdor.

A couple of months ago we had an email from friends who said they a were hoping to come to the Conservative Conference and if they brought their boat could we find room for it?

Of course, we said yes. There were a couple of spare places on the moorings, but being sod's law they had been taken up by the end of September. So we asked if BW could reserve the spot outside the James Brindley pub, which is not technically a mooring. We got the OK from BW and let Bowman and Jan know that there would be room for them. Sod's Law again - someone else was on the mooring on Friday when they were due!

Anyway we suggested we meet the boat at the bottom of Farmers' Locks to help lock them up. It was pouring with rain and we were a bit early, but we found a warm, dry cafe which perched over the canal and had a coffee while we waited.

We got them up the locks and found the mooring empty so they were all set up just as the rain stopped.

I have had several commissions lately - this one for a saxophone playing lady. The card began with a white card blank which I used landscape (with the fold at the top). I printed out some music paper and matted it onto yellow and black card and wrapped a yellow gross grain ribbon around it, tying it in a bow. This panel was stuck across the middle of the card. Then I printed out the picture twice and cut out the sax and the flames from one and stuck it onto the base with sticky fixers. This was then matted onto yellow and black card and I stuck than down with more sticky fixers. Finally I used some black peel-offs for the sentiment. I really should start stamping the sentiments, but I always manage to make a mess off it and ruin the finished card!

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