Saturday, 2 October 2010

Gas Street, Birmingham

Signs everywhere. The boats keep stopping, but the police officer hasn't turned up yet!

There are policemen and women everywhere, the roads are being blocked off and the police helicopter is roaring overhead. So it's nice and quiet here. We can't even park our cars in the pub car park until the conference is all over.

Sorry about the picture, I tried cropping it not realising it was still in the camera memory card so when I cancelled, it cropped off the bottom of the card. But I am rather pleased with it so I am showing it anyway.

I used photographs that David took at a Stourbridge Gathering a couple of years ago. I used pictures showing a car, a door handle, the "Austin" badge and a wheel (not shown). I matted them all onto silver mirror card and then onto green card. I also printed out the guy's name, age and a "happy birthday" and matted them in the same way before adding them to a blank white card.

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