Friday, 24 September 2010

Gas Street, Birmingham

Autumn has begun.

Well, the axe fell yesterday evening with an email. Even though we have been on our mooring for five years now we are going to have to move so that the other commercial company can take it over.

They took out a planning application on our mooring after we moved on to it for a live/work mooring, which was granted. And although we comply with that and the Planning Office says it does not give them any right to the mooring, BW seem to think that it does.

We have no idea where we are going to yet as the basin is full to bursting, and we are still going to fight as long as possible with an official complaint already lodged with BW.

I have joined the gym at the Hyatt Hotel and have been swimming every day. Eva, the Polish receptionist left the other day to pursue her dream of becoming a personal trainer and work on the ocean liners.

This is the "good luck" card I gave her. I found the picture on the Internet and mounted it up onto pearlescent white card and pink card, colouring the edge with silver ink.

The panel behind was cut from a cake box and I stuck it down the left hand side of a white card blank with the picture in the middle. I then fixed two flowers with pink gem centres on the top left hand corner of the picture and three pink pearls on the bottom right hand corner.

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