Monday, 24 May 2010

Weston Hall Bridge, Grand Union Canal

The weather forecast was predicting high temperatures, so we set off at 0530. Well, David did. I had a cup of tea in bed before I got up.

The lift bridge just before the locks was a pig to lift yet again. It went up centimetre by centimetre with every turn. Then it was the Lapworth locks. It was good to see that BW has looked after them this winter. NOT. Stiff paddle gear, leaking locks. And one of my favourites. The selling off of the lock cottage and all the land so you can’t get along the off side of the lock. Usually there are signs stuck to the fence asking you not to use the other side, but they always seem to end up in the water (wonder why). This year they have let the weeds and nettles grow to discourage use.

Met one boat coming up the flight. They closed all the lock gates behind them. Thanks! And then another one at the bottom. They sat on the water point until the lock was ready for them. Hope this is not a foretaste of things to come.

We moored up just after the junction and listened the cuckoo – and not on the TV this time.

There must be a reason why I chose this card today. Can’t think of one though! I took a photograph of boats in the mist and matted it onto silver, white and black card. Black ribbon was suck across the width of the card and the photo fixed over with stick pads. Three black gems were stuck to the bottom right hand corner and a silver sentiment peel-off stuck above them.

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