Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Radford Semele, Grand Union Canal

A small sign at the top of Hatton Locks.

It needed to be at least three times bigger because the bicycles were whizzing past so fast they couldn't read their instructions!

An early start to get the 23 locks out of the way. The weather was good and we were on our own. We met two pairs and three single boats on their way up and managed the Hatton Flight in 3 ½ hrs.

Then it was on through the two Cape locks where we arrived just as a wide beam was entering the top lock.

A short stop for a visit to Tesco for a “heavy lift” of bottles etc and then we sailed on past Leamington to Radford Semele for the rest of the day.

The burnt out church there is covered in a large silver tent while it is being restored.

Noticed that the wild roses were in bloom and also the yellow flags were out
Got some mojo back for cardmaking after we first set off and made a few more canal themed cards. This is one of my favourite subjects. Children in large lifejackets. They always look so cute. I cut this photograph using my Nesties and made a silver mat the same way and then cut out a scalloped mat to go behind them both. I used my Cuttlebug to impress the flowers onto an odd shaped piece of orange card and stuck it onto the yellow base card before adding the photograph.
Finally I added an orange butterfly which "flutters".

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