Sunday, 23 May 2010

DICKENS HEATH, Stratford on Avon Canal

We set off at 0715 in brilliant sunshine and headed down the Worcester and Birmingham Canal. There were masses of moored boats, including two doubled up on the water point! Through the chicane at Selley Oak and then a left turn onto the Stratford on Avon Canal at Kings Norton. The plan was to go just past Hockley Heath and moor up past the first lift bridge, but the weather was lovely and we saw a bit of piling and stopped for the rest of the day at 1115.

During the afternoon we heard the dulcet tones of one of Graham’s boats.

We had seen him set off, with Mike on another boat, yesterday morning on our way back from a pumpout (£9.00 at Sherborne Wharf). They had been doing the Birmingham ring and were on the last leg. About 10 minutes later Mike turned up with the second boat. We noticed that Graham had all the girls on his boat!

It is lovely to be out again. There are still bluebells about and the lilac and hawthorn bushes are all in bloom. The space above the water is covered in masses and masses of midges. We even saw some swallows and heard a cuckoo, but it turned out that the cuckoo was at Wentworth and on the telly watching the golf.

While I was out one day several weeks ago, two men came to the boat and asked
David if I could make a card for them. David, having great faith in my abilities, said that of course I could! They wanted a pothole, they said, with a man standing by it saying “Not a Category 1 as far as I’m concerned".

I can’t draw for a toffee, so it was straight onto Google and there I found this giraffe in a hole. I know, it’s been Photoshopped, but hey! I then Googled “road workers” and came up with these four Playmobile men. The rest was easy. I printed off the pothole picture three times and decoupaged it with sticky pads. I cut out the men and made a speech bubble and printed in the words. I matted the photograph and the man’s name and fixed them onto a white card blank, adding three black dots to the right hand bottom corner.

Inside I printed out an insert sentiment and added a picture of the tub of instant road repair kit.

It was a hit with the two guys who ordered the card. Just hope Mike enjoyed the joke too.

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