Thursday, 21 January 2010

Gas Street Moorings, Birmingham

Well, the ice has all gone, but I couldn't resist publishing this picture. It was taken by Bruno, who lives on Calstock. The sign says "Caution Slippery Surface"

I was telling you about how we got here. Well after paying our deposit for the boat we heard nothing for ages and ages. We went to the Braunston Boat Show and visited the Warble boat - a huge beauty called Shiraz. The couple who bought it had about 7 kids and the bunks were all fabulous. We got lots of ideas and were assured by Janet and Kevin that we hadn't been forgotten. (In the past 10 years, we have never seen Shiraz out on the water. It was moored at Braunston, but I've never spotted it there either.)

All the canal magazines were devoured with great attention. Things we liked were cut out and put in a scrapbook for future reference. We visited the boatyard to discuss what we wanted and needed. But as we had not been on that many boats we took their advice as they were boaters as well as builders. Fortunately they made good sense and didn't let us get too carried away, explaining that you can't fit a quart into a pint pot etc, etc.

Then finally, one day we had a PLAN!

Our very own Mr David was almost an actuality.

What with all the snow and cold and everything, I thought a photograph of better times might buck us up a bit. (The sun came out today, and we started to get wanderlust.)

The picture is of the Napton locks with the windmill on the hill in front. It is matted onto silver and green card. Behind is a panel of green card fixed horizontally and behind that a white panel matted onto silver. I made a green tab which I fixed on the bottom of the photograph and added two green bubbly type peel-offs on the right hand side. The picture was then added at an angle

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