Sunday, 31 January 2010

Gas Street Moorings, Birmingham

Yesterday - Anson off to the Hawthorns with West Bromwich Albion fans.

Woke up this morning to snow and we cracking of Ice. We were iced in again! Fortunately, the ice didn't last too long and we were able to get out for a pumpout at lunchtime.

February tomorrow and the nights are beginning to draw out. Just waiting for the stoppages to be finished and we should be off again. Can't wait.

Continuing with our story....

The Boat was due to be ready for the end of April and would be shown at the Braunston Boat Show that year, so we arranged for David to leave the Army for 30 April 1999. He was entitled to a resettlement course and he would be paid for his accommodation and any course he wished to take. He decided that maybe boat building might be a good idea and Kevin and Janet agreed. In fact, they even agreed to accommodate him.

We forgot one major thing. Boats NEVER arrive on time. There were problems with one of the boats in the line before us and consequently our boat would not be ready in time. We were due to leave the Army and consequently would lose our married quarter. No home, no boat. What now?

Kevin and Janet came to the rescue. We could stay with them while the boat was being built. What a pair! We had only met 3 or 4 times and we were invited into their home for weeks (and as it turned out months).

Back to the Valentines. A white card blank, silver card embossed with the heart blocks embossing folder. A piece of ribbon fixed underneath and then fixed to the card. The sentiment was printed out using the computer and matted onto silver and red card, and the two cut-out hearts were cut out on the CraftRobo.

David treated me to a Black Cat Cougar cutting machine for Christmas (and my Birthday, and next Christmas) as I was finding the CraftRobo struggling a bit. This new one does all sorts of wonderful things but I need to get to grips with the illustrator software (Inkscape). I just cannot get my head around that. He keeps on asking me when I am going to use it, but I haven't got the courage just yet. I am going to have to get on with it soon, I want to make a card with a dolphin jumping out of the centre of the card when it is opened.


CraftyLin said...

Hi Brenda and David,
Finally made it into Gas Street basin late this afternoon and have 'parked our barge' under the cctv cameras just up Oozells Loop - nice quiet spot. Will pop and say hello tomorrow (Tues)if you are at home.
Kind regards
Kevin & Linda Trott
nb Tranquility

Kevin and Linda said...

Hi Brenda,
We're going to do a quick recce around the Soho Loop in the morning and when we come back we'll moor up near by in Gas Street Basin.

See you soon,
Kevin and Linda