Friday, 15 January 2010

Gas Street Moorings, Birmingham

The ice breaker commeth! Some of the chunks of ice were 6" thick in places. We are free at last.

On Wednesday we had 12 hours of snow which covered everything again. Then the thaw began and we have had a couple of days of rain. There is just a bit of ice left in the canal, but we were able to get around to Sherborne Wharf for a pumpout before the red light came on.

The colour of the water has changed here though it is a steely teal colour. I don't know whether it is because all the particles have sunk down to the bed of the canal or what. Usually the water here is fairly clear but black as coal. Time will tell I suppose.

The front of this card was originally the front of David's birthday card last year. I cut off the back part and then stuck the front onto an easel card adding a panel behind the button and another strip along the front with a sentiment message.

Don't like anything going to waste, especially a great card.

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