Monday, 19 October 2009

Litherland, Leeds and Liverpool Canal

"It's not the leaving of Liverpool...." Our 9 days in Liverpool came to an end this morning. We have had a really great time, visiting the Cathedral (dark and lumbering), the Walker Gallery (great pictures but noisy kids), the Tate (wasted half an hour of my life) , the Bluecoat (confusing) and, finally, Port Sunlight and the Lady Lever Museum (got Burne-Joneses - so fantabulous!).

My nephew's wedding was yesterday at a mock Elizabethan hotel in the Wirral. David had to hire a DJ and all the accoutrement's and we were transported from outside the Premier Hotel at Albert Docks (that's what gave me the idea of taking the boat in the first place).

Although the wedding was a straightforward registry office type do, the bride is Jewish and as the evening began there was a lot of singing and dancing and the bride's father and the groom were thrown up in a blanket and the couple lifted up on chairs and carried around. It was really lovely, especially as Matt is usually a really quiet and retiring sort of guy.

There was only one boat due out today, and as we managed to get the hire suit returned by 10 we asked if we could accompany it and leave a day early.

So, at 1130 we set off back through all the docks to Stanley Locks and back onto the L&L. The weather turned sunny just after leaving so it was very pleasant and, as usual, the BW guys were very obliging and helpful - even though one boat had Everton supporters and we had a Manchester United one. They did threaten to leave us to it several times though.

I have finished the Christmas cards for Amber Moon. I used a similar picture to last year but this time I mounted them onto a "label" Nestabilities die cut mat.

I used DL cards (long thin ones) and wrapped the ribbon around a piece of card before sticking it down onto the base, then added pictures with sticky fixers. I suck a peel-off greeting above the ribbon on the right hand side and two sets of three gold dots on the sides of the green matt.

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