Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Gt Score Swing Bridge, Leeds and Liverpool Canal

One of the new BW beehives which have been set up near Litherland. What next?
We were up and off in time to get to Bridge 6 for 9pm so that BW could let us through the first of the two swing bridges that they operate for us.
After Bridge 9 we were on our own with 5 of the b*** in the next 3 miles. The first one is a footbridge and you need a handcuff key and the Watermate key to get at the pull-up lock before pushing the bridge open.
Then comes Maghull Hall Bridge. This one has handcuff locks on both barriers which have to be undone and the barriers pushed closed by hand. Then the bridge is operated by the Watermate key and is electric.
The third bridge, Shaws, is another footbridge and you need the handcuff key again to push the bridge open and closed.
Methodist Swing Bridge has push barriers again, but you have to put the Watermate key in the box first to release the locks. Then the bridge is electrically opened and closed.
The final bridge is Bell's and this time the barriers are electric, but the bridge is a push one.
Confusing or what?
Before finally mooring up we had another fully electric swing bridge and two more that are fixed open. We moored on the landing stage of the last one.

A long, DL, card with a bought topper of a drawing of a smart couple. It is all black,white and silver, with sparkles that don't show on the photo. I added some colour with the red and black spotted ribbon.

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