Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Ince Moss, Leigh Branch Leeds and Liverpool Canal

I don't know who paid for these signs - must have been Sustrans 'cos they only give the distances in times with a bicycle by the side. Very useful for the rest of us. And: just how fast do you have to pedal to get there in that time?

The weather forecast was heavy rain, so we set of in trepidation. It turned out to be rather a nice day, and quite warm and sunny at times.

David had a rest and a sleep by the side of Apperly Lock and then we came on here.

There were, surprisingly, several boats on the move which was a bit of a shock after the last few days.

I found this topper in Clinton Cards as a tag for a present. I mounted it onto some dark blue card and threaded the blue ribbon through and tied it in a knot.
Finally, I added a blue gem in the bottom right hand corner.

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