Thursday, 22 October 2009

Oughtrighton, Bridgewater Canal

Eating up the miles on the way back to Birmingham. David is doing marathon times on the back.
Normally we do about 4 hours a day, but we have been putting in 7-8 hour days since leaving Liverpool.

The Barton Swing Bridge was closed (but open for us!), so no excitement there. That was the only obstacle for us today.
We managed to get here just before it started raining - so all in all, a good day's cruising.
Summer is over, but there are still a few wasps around. All right, I know it's a bee on the card, but what with seeing the hives at Litherland, I looked this card out.
I think the card is shown sideways as it is supposed to be a flower box made from brown hessian on a background of orange hessian with the bee and flowers. I matted the whole thing onto some blue vellum and then onto a white card blank.

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