Monday, 12 October 2009

Salthouse Dock, Liverpool

I am gradually filling in the blanks in the blogs now we are back on G3 - but even so I keep losing the signal here too.

We had a wander around Albert Dock this morning. David went to see the BW Harbourmaster and then we had another wander around town. It has been beautiful, warm, sunny day and we haven't needed a fire.

The DUCKs launch regularly by us and send a mini tsuname out making all the boats bounce and bang against the moorings. We do get a warning though, because they blow a horn as they are about to launch down the slipway.

This evening we took a walk to the riverbank. The sun was setting and there was a lovely pink glow over Birkenhead (can there be such a thing?) Almost romantic!

Back to this lovely boat horse in Hungerford. I printed the larger picture onto paper in "draft" so that it is sort of washed out and then matted it onto white paper and then red. The second picture was printed normally onto photo paper and then matted in the same way. I wrapped some white spotted, red ribbon around the larger panel and then stuck them onto a white card blank.

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