Saturday, 2 May 2009

Huddersfield, Huddersfield Narrow Canal

Can we make it?

Yes we can!

Oh dear! Drentel is stuck!

The first test of the Huddersfield Narrow Canal. Can you get under the first bridge?
The second test is - is there enough water in the 2nd pound?
Answer. No! Drentel got through the first lock and, fortunately, David went to take photos. They managed to ground just outside the lock. They were helped back into the lock and called BW, who advised them to go back through the lock and moor up again!

BW are still working on the leak and the finish time is now Sunday evening before the whole eastern side of the canal is re-watered. Of course it is a Bank Holiday and there is no-one in the office at the tunnel so we can't rebook our timings giving them the 48 hours notice they require or they'll charge us £50. Some chance!

Still lunch with the Wadsworths in Holmfirth then back to the boat. We decided to turn the boat around to see if the satellite dish would work, and it did. Unfortunately, for some strange reason, the Internet wouldn't work now. It kept being overridden by the University wifi, which would have been good if we'd known how to hack into it. David had to re-boot the Vodafone setup and it seems OK now.

Another Spring type card. A buzzy bee with vellum wings matted onto orange, gold and black card and fixed to an orange card blank. And a yellow ribbon, tied in a knot across the bottom.

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drentel said...

Yes. stuck and I thought where are my wellies as there is no way to get to solid earth other than the mud!