Friday, 1 May 2009

Huddersfield, Huddersfield Broad Canal

We have finally got off the rivers. It is always a relief to get back onto a canal, knowing if anything goes wrong you are not going to be swept onto a weir or whatever.

The usual early start and we were soon on the Huddersfield Broad Canal. We have done a bit of this canal before when we visited the IWA Festival some years back. We were so far away from the site we caught the bus in every day!!

Anyway 9 locks, mostly against us with the top lock gates either and/or open and the paddles up. Makes it a bit tedious walking around the locks all the time. Still we were tied up opposite Sainsbury's by 1100. We just managed to get in behind Drentel. The stoppage on the Huddersfield Narrow is still ongoing so there are a few boats here waiting to move on up to Slaithwaite and eventually THE dreaded TUNNEL.

BW phoned this afternoon to say that they will be working on the leak all weekend and the canal should be open on Sunday afternoon - which is the day before we should be reaching it so that's OK.

Just before the moorings we had another "first". The Turnbridge Loco Lift Bridge. This time the road bridge lifts horizontally, and the staff of Sainsbury's come out to have a fag and watch you make a mess of it!

A lovely sunny afternoon and very warm. Made me think of the seaside. This card was made with a base of blue wavy edged card covered with pale yellow handmade paper (it doesn't show up on the photo). On top I added some ready-made toppers.

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