Thursday, 30 April 2009

Battyeford Lock, Aire and Calder Navigation

Here is a sign for Granny Buttons. He was looking for ambiguous signs. We came across it today. The sign the other side of the bridge said PLEASE KEEP TO THE LEFT RIGHT! We are still not sure if we went through it on the proper side.

Yet another early, grey start to a very grey day. But at least it didn't rain until this evening.

We spent the morning popping on and off the river onto canal cuttings. Some of the landings off the river were fun, especially with little fat legs and a sore Achilles Tendon. The old life jacket was being put on and taken off - it is such a nuisance for doing the locks in, but I'm not going to have the words "She had a life jacket but it was in the cupboard" on my tombstone.

These three photographs are of the Figure of Three Locks (though there are only two!)

A big cavity in the lock swim embankment.

What is left on the balance beam on the top gate.

And a "botch" fill of an obvious breach. Two locks which seemed very unloved and neglected.
We are now above Battyeford Lock and ready for the run into Huddersfield tomorrow.

And two cards. A photograph of speedwell growing in the side of a lock wall. In the original I just mounted it onto silver card and put it onto a white card.

But I thought it needed something. So I added this embroidered blue butterfly. What do you think?

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CraftyLin said...

Two lovely cards Brenda. Hope your trip is going well.
We are off to Tranquility this Sunday 3rd May for two weeks. Aiming to get to Gloucester Docks and down the Sharpness canal. Just bought a couple of life jackets for use on board for the first time in our 30 year boating history.
Take care - watch out for our blog updates in the coming days.
Kind regards
Kevin & Linda T