Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Broad Cut Locks, Calder and Hebble Canal

This is the vortex of water filling Broadreach Lock. Pretty scary. Don't know what the dog bowl is for though.

It was misty and dank when we left at 6 this morning. Stanley Ferry was busy with boats and it was nice to see a BW workshop with lots of lock gates outside waiting to be moved to their locks.

As we reached Fall Ing Lock and Calder and Hebble Navigation the sun came out and and it was lovely, although the lock was very deep and the bottom gates were so heavy it took two of us to open and close it.

We ended up between the two Broad Cut Locks and had decided to have lunch at The Navigation. David said the beer was good, but the food was very disappointing. Still the landlady is a big MU fan and she has invited him to watch the match tonight with her - so he's happy (well, until they lose that is).

Can't remember where I got these bits from, but they are all sparkly. I stuck them onto card and cut them out and then stuck them onto a dark blue shiny card with sticky fixers.

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