Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Woodnock Lock, Aire and Calder Navigation

After another two quiet days in Leeds we left very early this morning.

Everything was going so well until we got to Knostrop Fall Lock. I put the BW key in the lock, turned it, opened the sluices, opened the lock and David came in with the boat. I then closed the sluices and then the lock gates. But when I tried to turn the electricity off and remove the key it was stuck!

One telephone call on the emergency number. Nothing! So phone the local office and get an answerphone telling me to phone the emergency number. So I tried again, this time actually getting a real person who almost knew what we were talking about.

About 3/4 hr later a nice BW man came and looked at the key, tried to remove it, walked over to the sluice arm thingy, looked at it, covered something and told David to take our key out. That worked!

He kindly saw us through the lock and we were on our way again with no more escapades - though I did keep my fingers crossed every time I needed to remove the key. We turned right (eventually) at Castleford and headed towards the Calder and Hebble. Not quite sure where the Aire and Calder turns into the Calder and Hebble, but it is around here somewhere and as it had begun raining we moored up on a piece of piling just past the landing stage at the top of Woodnock Lock. And it rained all afternoon and is still raining now.

The picture is of Mr David looking very tiny in Woodnock Lock thank goodness everything was electrified the paddle gear was huge.

We have bitten the bullet and booked the Sandedge Tunnel for next Wednesday. BW need 24 hours notice to book the passage but 48 hours to cancel! At the moment there are 2 stoppages on the Huddersfield Narrow and one on the Calder and Hebble - so were shafted whichever way we want to go. Fingers crossed!

The base for this card was bought in a closing down sale for The Stationery Box and has this pretty blue gingham type strip. I used a peel-off sticker of Eyore which I stuck onto some white card and then cut around it. I then fixed it to some pink mulberry paper. The flowers, leaves and butterfly were then added.

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