Sunday, 3 May 2009

Turnpike Road Lock, Huddersfield Broad Canal

A picture of the Thornhill Double Locks, just outside Dewsbury. The pound between the locks is almost completely circular and it was so pretty.

We had the bad news phone call today. The Huddersfield Narrow will not be open for at least another five days. So we turned the boat around and are heading back via the Rochdale. This will be our third journey along the Rochdale, each time going from East to West.

It will also mean we'll miss Marple and Bosley as going down to Manchester and then back up again on the Ashton will be too much like hard work.

We had three visitors at 4.30 this morning. They were about 12 years old!! One of them jumped onto the boat and the noise woke me. He then got off the boat and went onto the front deck looking for things to throw in the water. I rushed through the boat and flung the two front doors open, pushing him almost into the water and yelling at him to get off the boat at the same time. I have never seen anyone move so fast! They all ran off, forgetting to take their bicycle with them. Ten minutes later they were back for the bike, making such a row that this time David accosted them and threatened them with the Police. That finally got rid of them.

I started with a pink card blank and added some pretty white ribbon with pink rosebuds on it. I also wrapped a pink ribbon across the white ribbon. Then I added the Snow White picture which is a magnet.

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grey wolf said...

You have to ask what 12 year olds were doing up at that time?