Friday, 22 May 2009

Dutton Stop Lock, Trent and Mersey Canal

Left at 0515 aiming for Lymm as there was a restaurant there that we wanted to try out. Whilst passing through Altricham we noticed lots of boats missing from the moorings. We found them all in Lymm for a boat meeting. There were no visitor moorings - couldn't even stop to get a pint of milk. So it was "on on" to Moore for some goodies, a 10 minute wait to go through Preston Brook Tunnel (there were 6 boats going through, mostly from the marina at Preston Brook) and a queue to get through the stop lock.

We moored up on the pilings again, just past the stop lock but this time we couldn't get the satellite to work for some reason

Starting with a white card, I made 2 slits in the spine of the card and wrapped two strips of ribbon around the bottom of the card, criss-crossing them and adding a knot where they crossed.

Then I matted the sticker onto blue and red card, cutting around the sticker before fixing it to the centre of the card.

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