Saturday, 23 May 2009

Normans Bridge No 26 - Middlewich Branch, SU

A picture for Michael. The football ground for the Northwich team he supports plus the Manchester United Reserves. We are not worthy!

Yet another 0500 start. Passed the Fudge boat at Anderton (facing the wrong way yet again).

Last night we were passed by a Claymoore hire boat crewed by pirates. They were all dressed up and were "Yah hah-ing!" and "Yo hoh-ing!" everyone in sight. We caught them up at the Big Lock this morning and while David helped them through with advice etc (their first lock), I walked to Tesco's for some shopping.

I was waiting for them at the bottom of the three locks. David had persuaded the pirates that they should let him go first so that they could close the locks. They bought it - so we got to go up the rest of the locks before them. Not that it did us any good as there were 2 boats already in front - though a very keen set of other hireboaters also set the locks and opened and/or closed the gates.

There was the usual queue at Wardle Lock with one boat crew complaining about the wait (but not helping with the locks). Further on we met with No Problem but they didn't recognise us and then later David saw Valerie sail past. Again no response. We are obviously not on their blog rolls.
This card started out with a red card blank. I cut out a square of gold paper and then stamped out the heart border down two sides. Finally I added a bought topper with a gold heart with string and a flower.

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