Thursday, 21 May 2009

Astley, Bridgewater Canal

How have we managed for the last 200 years using a lock with only one ladder?? All the double locks on the L&L are having another ladder cut into them on the opposite side to the original one. Can't fix the broken paddle gear though!

We left the mooring at 0600 and got to the top lock for 0630. There were boats parked everywhere, on the waterpoint and even on the lock landing.
It rained all the way down but we had a Phantom BW lock operator for last 10 locks! Someone set the locks for us and opened a gates, though we never saw anyone doing it and the little BW hut was all closed up when I went past.
Then we managed to arrive at Plank Lane while the operator was at lunch, so David had a short rest, and then another one while I went shopping at Aldi in Leigh.

I saw yellow flags in bloom, and at one spot I saw several orchids.

A pretty floral card. The flowers are made from handmade paper (not by me!), wrapped in crepe paper and tied with silver string. I matted it onto some lilac sacking, lilac handmade paper and silver card.
I covered the bottom half of the card with white spotted (with a green edge) lilac paper and a silver peel-off border along the join.
Finally, I added a sentiment made from a peel-off on white paper and matted onto silver card.

After 23 locks and the shopping I was completely knackered so I slept for 3 hours and then went to bed at 0830.

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