Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Haigh Park, Leeds and Liverpool Canal

Yet another long day, leaving at 0545.

Coming down Johnsons Hillocks, David decided to go on ahead at Lock 64 to get the bottom lock ready. There was nowhere to tie the boat up so he left the centre rope along the bank (like here in the picture on the lock above). The boat was not moving an inch, so I decided to go around to the other side of the lock to open the opposite gate. As soon as I got to the far end the boat suddenly went into top gear and shot across the lock. The rope went straight into the water before David could get back on and as the pound between Locks 63 and 64 is big and wide the boat went straight into the middle, turned around 180 degrees and just sat there laughing at us. The wind eventually brought it back to the bottom gates of the upper lock and David managed to slide down the steep bank and jump onto the front of the boat. Fortunately no one was around to see all this - and you won't tell anyone will you?

Then it was on through Chorley and Adlington and arrived here around 1330 and spent the afternoon watching the golfers opposite, dodging the showers..

A card for the boys this time. I covered the card blank with the bubbly paper and added the brown card bands around the edges. Then I just added the stick on toppers.

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